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Carl Hamm PPS is now a distributor of DÜCHTING PUMPS GERMANY

Drilling and pipeline solutions

Carl Hamm designs, installs and manages pipeline solutions for above and below ground mining, water and waste water treatment, and industrial sectors. Our solutions include probing technologies and machinery, as well as drilling equipment. We also offer a wide range of products in the area of housing technology that include:

  • Flanged pipes
  • Pullproof plug-type sleeve (ZSM) connections
  • Cooling-water insulation pipes
  • High-pressure pipeline systems
  • Shaped sections
  • Rolled-groove pipes
  • Collar pipes
  • Pit pipelines

Geothermal energy is a major area in which Carl Hamm pipe products are installed. Our patent products, combined with our know-how gained from nearly 90 years of supplying the mining sector, have proved to be of significant value in tunnel construction and well sinking.

Acid Mine Drainage solutions

Carl Hamm piping solutions, used with equipment from Ritz Pumps SA, enable the equipment to draw down at depth. Whether in operation or inoperative, a mine must be dewatered. Either to keep the water at an acceptable and safe level or to bring this contaminated water to surface for treatment i.e. acid mine dewatering (AMD). Our ZSM system offers a safe, quick and flangeless installation solution to handle acid mine drainage (AMD).

Geotechnics solutions

For nearly 20 years we have successfully manufactured and sold geological probing and control systems. Due to our persistent research and development, appropriate production processes and market-oriented sales structures we rank among Germany’s leading providers. Our high-quality products are used all over the world by engineering geologists, the construction sector, and institutes of higher education.

We have a proven track record that includes delivery of the following solutions:

  • Well support material
  • Water sampling
  • Water, air and gas analytics
  • Sample receptacles
  • Soil analysis
  • Concrete, cement and asphalt analysis
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Surveying technologies

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